The Game

"You will all kill each other for the right to leave this house, only one of you will leave," the voice blared out over the intercom. It’s obvious he's agitated. This is the third time he's made the announcement today. Problem is, it's a really nice house and none of us are eager to leave. We've been here for no less than a week. Nobody has tried to kill anyone.

We go back to shooting pool and ignoring the voice. If you're going to create a murder house, it probably shouldn't be a place that people want to be. You probably shouldn't get a bunch of orphans either. This place is swanky. I've never lived in a house like this. None of us have.

"There's ice cream outside," the voice chimes back in. "It doesn't even have to be murder. The first person to stab someone gets ice cream. I wouldn't lie to you."

"Hey, the door isn't even locked. We can leave whenever we want," The girl with pigtails yells out.

Oh wow, this guy is horrible. He watches way too many movies if he thinks this would work. I've seen Saw they plan things out way better. How can you forget to actually lock the doors? Is this guy stupid?

"Fine, I quit, enjoy the house. I'll find some other people to kill each other."

We will enjoy the house.