The Goblins celebrate as they cross the bridge. Soon they will be out of the kingdom and away with their goods. They had entered the city of Orcs and stolen the royal jewels. Nothing more than shiny stones for the Orcs, but the Goblins never knew value. It is not the material that makes them valuable. These so-called jewels had been passed down from ruler to ruler. The legacy made them worth a fortune and they had stolen them all. It was easy. Orcs are not smart. They say that goblins are not smart either but they are crafty and sneaky.

At the end of the bridge stands a single Orc waiting for the Goblins to approach. This Orc seemed different than the others throughout the kingdom. Many walked with a limp or had a hunched back. They were a violent species who often nursed wounds, some extremely severe. They would often wipe out other clans of Orcs over territory wars. Wars that would not end until the other tribe had been wiped from the Earth. This Orc stood tall and calm. Unwavering in his position as they approached.

"Thieves, you have stolen from the royal family. Please give me the jewels," the Orc spoke with a snarl through pointed teeth.

"How about no," the bravest Goblin laughed while attempting to walk past the Orc. A firm fist was planted on his pale head causing him to fall unconscious. The Orc meant business. The other goblins drew their swords and prepared for a fight. Their small swords were nothing more than kitchen knives to the Orc.

"Please reconsider," The Orc stated, unbothered by the Goblins preparing to attack. They rush the Orc and in one swift motion he removes the war hammer from his back and sends the first Goblin flying. A second attempts to cut at his heel but the small sword could not penetrate his boots. Another swing and another Goblin sent flying.

With three of his friends down the fourth Goblin sheathes his sword and lays the bag containing the jewels onto the ground. The orc walks forward and pockets them. Again, he steps toward the last Goblin. His heart sank further and further into his chest with every step the Orc took towards him.

"You were smart," the Orc whispers as he walks past the Goblin toward the capital. Goblins rarely went to war. More often than not wars were won with brute strength not cunning these days. For the first time the young Goblin tasted true battle. It was not pleasant, but it was invigorating.