Planet Earth

"Granny what's that big blue dot in the sky," Chase was always a curious child. Taking things apart putting them back together. So smart for such a small child. If we had been smarter during the last days we may still be on that blue dot. These children might go back one day. Repair the damage that we had done.

"Granny, are you listening," he calls out.

"That blue dot is the Earth baby."

"What's Earth?"

"Earth is where we old people are from. We used to liver there. That's where our grannies and pawpaws were from too."

"Then why did you move"

"We didn't take care of our home."

"Why not? You take care of your house."

"We were careless back then and took it for granted."

"What does granted mean?"

"It means we had something really special and didn't take care of it."

"That's sad. Do you miss it?"

"I miss it every day. There were trees. You've never seen one. They were really tall bushes. They would reach up and touch the sky."

"I think we should visit."

"Maybe one day you'll be able to visit for me."

"Okay. Then it's set. I'll go to Earth."