Ghost Eye For The Straight Guy

My comfy sweats with the hole and my favorite worn out graphic T-Shirt. This is the lazy Saturday I've been waiting for. There's just one problem. The ghost that lives in my closet. If I can just get past him, my Saturday will be set. Ghosts have to sleep sometimes right?

I slowly creep to my closet. I know what I'm looking for. They're together neatly folded on the second shelf. I slowly slide the door open. So far so good. I reach for lazy day outfit and all is well.  Nope, smoke flows out of the closet and fills the room. Soon the lights glow and here they come.

"Please put your hands together for the honorable Raphael Ricardo," comes from the assistant.

"I know you aren't going to be wearing that," says Raphael.

"I'm not going anywhere I'm just staying at home," I plead my case.

"No. You never know if you're going to have surprise guests. Wear this," he says offering a one-piece gown that looks like something a monk would wear.

"I just want to play video games and catch up on podcasts this weekend."



"Why do you do this? If I had known you were here, I never would have signed such a long lease."

"Why else would you get such a large apartment for $200 a month? Don't be silly. We're here for six years."

"5 years and 11 months."

"Semantics. In that time, I will make you fabulous."