Free Falling

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"Is this your first jump," the nervous guy to my right asks.

"Yeah, what about you?"

"Yes, but I'm feeling nervous about it."

The instructor pulls the door of the plane open and we get a good look at the sky outside the plane. We can see the top of the clouds and down below just looks like miles and miles of green grass. Even hills look flat from here. Gray spots are probably where points of civilization are. The air rushes into the plane giving us a chill.

"I guess it's too late to back out now," I say rushing to be the first in line.

A pat on the back and I'm out the door. The resistance from the air initially takes my breath away. But the weightlessness kicks in. For a moment I just float through the air. All of life's problems just gone. I pass through a cloud, there's no silver lining but there's water. That's crazy or maybe not, I sucked at science classes. Others pass by me trying to gain speed. I just sink slowly enjoying the moment.

I just close my eyes and float in space before finally pulling my parachute. Dropping down slowly the world comes into focus. I just want to be back in the sky again. Since coming back to the states I've swam with sharks, driven cars over 200 mph and none of it can compare to the rush I got playing pro basketball.

Even this doesn't compare, but it's a different feeling. There's no adrenaline rush. Just freedom. It's like I'm free to do whatever I want or be whoever I want to be. This shit is incredible. My feet touch the ground last and other people are trying to get their balance and collect themselves still.

"Hey, what does it take to become a pilot," I ask the instructor.

"A few exams and about 10 hours of solo flights. But you can't jump out if you're the pilot."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

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