A Fighting Chance

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Denzel took his chance. While Gabriel was confused. He reigned down punches, paying him back for each one that he had endured. It took Gabriel a few moments to gather his composure. He couldn't remember the last time he was hit. It had been almost a decade since he was placed in charge of the local extortion ring.

The reality of the situation rushed back to Gabriel as he pushed Denzel off of him. Stumbling to his feet Gabriel was determined once again. He wasn't going to let Denzel out of that door without fight. If he escaped, Gabriel would lose the respect of all of subordinates. He wasn't about to let that happen for some flash in the pan detective trying to extort the extortionists.

Gabriel had grown weak in the luxury that his current role provided him. He had a small opportunity to capitalize but he couldn't take it. Instead Denzel laid into him with a fury of off target punches. Before he knew it his legs wouldn't let him stand anymore. Denzel was walking out of that door. That day Gabriel made two promises to himself. He'd never be beaten like that again and if he ever saw Denzel again, he'd kill him where he stood.

Denzel stumbled out the door worse for wear. He forced his feet to move out into the open where Gabriel's men stood waiting for their leader. Smoking cigarettes, discussing what the boss might be doing. They weren't paying attention. Denzel was lucky. He didn't have another fight left in him tonight. He shuffled around the corner and into the darkness to lick his wounds and fight another day.