Lift Off

The helicopter hums gently as it turns on. The blades start to turn, slowly at first, then faster. The helicopter starts to hover above the ground. A young child waits in anticipation. Her eyes are wide with excitement, glowing with anticipation as she pushes forward on the joystick. Higher and higher it starts to rise. First a knee, then a shoulder, until it was well over her head. Higher than she could reach. Higher than Mommy could reach, maybe even higher than Daddy could reach.

"Look Daddy, it's really flying," she yells.

"You're doing great baby girl," he responds echoing back her same excitement.

The girl moves the joystick, left, right, up, and down. A diagonal here, a twirl there. The helicopter responds to her every command. She's a natural, soon she's flying in circles, rotating and place. New tricks she never thought were possible. All the while her father watches with pride.

He finds himself giggling at the absurdity of the moment. Where these things he always missed when he was at work? Was she always this bubbly and excitable in the morning? His time with her consisted of doing homework and telling bed time stories. He didn't get to see her running around during the day. He wishes he could freeze time and live in this snapshot forever. The next best thing? He takes out his cell phone and takes a picture, no two, five, a video. Something he can keep forever.

"We're gonna take this to the moon," as she pushes it higher and higher, trying to reach the limits.

"We'll need a rocket for that, then we can go to Mars too," he chuckles at his own joke. Not sure if an eight year knows all the planets yet.

"Well, can we get a rocket Daddy," she asks bluntly.

"Sure we can, but for today, let's just enjoy this."