A Bill

I've never had to brag about how I keep it 100 all the time. Everyone knows me and loves me. I've been from New York to California. Dallas and Oakland. Chi-Town to A-Town. Wall street to the street walkers. Big banks to beds I've been in them all. More often than not they pass me hand to hand for products, narcotics and the likes. We've all tasted cocaine, some bodily fluids in the mix. I've been spoiled by my last owner, a banker, locked me in a vault with the others. My new owner is a thoroughbred with a Tec that keeps crying. Snatched me from the arms of a teller, locked me in a bag and kept running. The sirens follow. Shots ring out. The Tec spits out and until he's all choked out. I get my first taste of blood and somebody else grabs me.