A New Day is Rising

I sit in my dorm laughing and joking with my roommates and our friends. It's crazy how similar experiences and humor can link people of different races, sexualities, genders and wealth classes. In that moment I forget that there are people who aren't as happy & optimistic about a diverse America as we are.

One hour and fifty-six minutes away from our multicultural get together John King is sleeping in Jasper, Indiana. John King may not be a name you're familiar with and you don't have to be. But I can grantee we all know a John King. See, John Kings are the people that keep America and every country divided.

I'm going to take this time to tell you about my first interaction with John King. I was conversing on an internet forum as I usually do. Someone posted a link to a website that we all had a good laugh at. That website was John King's website. That website was Caucasian Persuasion: A Voice For The Silent Majority. I thought my Twitter followers would get a kick out of the website as well. I posted the following tweet.

I thought the website was hilarious and so did my followers. I was hypothetically laughing that at that moment. But John King wasn't happy about that. Apparently he searches twitter for mentions of his website. He replied with the following tweet.
So John King's first interaction with me was wishing death upon me. It's needless to say we didn't get off on the right foot at all. That doesn't bother me, my best friend and I hated each other when we met. So I took the opportunity to look at some of John's tweets. Needless to say I was disgusted.
John's tweets were filled with hate and an affinity for internet memes such as the following.

But remember John is a White Nationalist not a racist. John's entire twitter feed was full of stuff like this. It wasn't just African-Americans he hated. It was Hispanics and homosexuals as well. John was just a hateful old man. I replied with what I thought would be my last interaction with John.

What followed was a little aggressive on both ends. John attempted to coax me into suicide so I sent him links to interracial porn. In fact the last reply from John I received was this morning. I haven't replied yet because this is my reply to John King and all the other John Kings like him in the world. A new day is rising.

John King loves to post "Non-White Crimes" on his website. I enjoy the fact that John searches through the internet every day to find minorities committing crime. He uses that as a basis that minorities are dangerous. He frequently uses news articles of minorities attacking Caucasians. One video showed a homeless man who hadn't been taking his anti-psychotics attack a woman for her purse. John attempted to leave that part out although it was right there in the news article.

John lives in a world where he believes only minorities commit crimes. Allow me to do what John does briefly. Oh look here's an article. Three Caucasians attacked a single black teen and placed a noose around his neck. See John everyone commits crime. But what I showed wasn't just a robbery like you showed. It was a hate crime. A hate crime by someone like you a white nationalist. Actually I'm going to stop using the term white nationalists.

 "Our opposition calls us Racist, Haters & Nazis I don’t care about that bullshit. We need to define our terms. There is pro white & anti white. If you’re pro white then you’re for the future of the white race & if you’re anti white you’re not for our future. We need to end this talk of racism so when someone asks you are you racists turn around and ask them are they pro white or non white."

Those are the words of John King in this video. So there's only pro white and non white people. I'll refer to John as a pro white person from this point fourth. John's words indicate the idea that you're either with us or against us. By John's logic I would be the racists. John is against race mixing and I sometimes date white women. But by his logic I'm the racists.

John's logic demonstrates that he may have some form of mental illness. Honesty, I was interested in John King. What kind of person is John. So I started with a picture of John I found on his twitter page and did a reverse google images search. What I found was shocking. I'm not the first person to write words like this against John King.

First I learned that John actually holds protest against other races.

This lead me to H.A.R.M.,  that stand's for Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement. I live in Indiana as well and didn't know they existed but looking over their site they're pretty awesome. The work they're doing is really something they should be proud of. John would call them an Anti-White Organization. I call them an organization based on the idea that we should come together and forward the race. The human race. They've had run-ins with John before as well. The first article I saw had a picture that pissed me off.

That's John King. But where is John King? John King is at a college. John has the audacity, no John has the balls to go to a college and say this. I give John credit for his bravery. I'm actually glad this was at the University of Southern Indiana. If he had come to Indiana State University I could guarantee he would be run off campus. But that isn't the only protest John has held. Here's a picture I found of John in a monkey suit.
I think this is appropriate because he obviously has the brain of an under developed monkey. John really thinks white people are going extinct. This guy is crazy. How crazy is John? John is so crazy he attempted to run for School Board President in Jasper. H.A.R.M. covered it here.

This man wanted to run for school board. I've never been to Jasper Indiana but I'm assuming there isn't a large population of minorities. I may plan a trip there soon considering it's not far from here. Anyway, they still didn't vote John in. John is lost in the wrong time period. John must have thought that the white majority would vote for him. John is crazy if he believes that all white people think like him. I doubt it.

While looking over information I found on John I learned that he served in the military. John was a nurse. My father & aunt actually fought in the Gulf War. John is a military drop out. John actually lives off the government now and makes 50% more than the average Indiana native. Despite the fact my father actually fought in a war he makes less than John. I suppose I should be mad at him but I'm not mad at you John. The Libertarian Party may be but I'm not mad.

John also suffers from mental illness. He believes that "As more people become diagnosed with mental illness the normals will treat us like niggers." Like John I suffer from Bipolar Disorder. I also have Insomnia due to the night terrors I had as a child. However unlike you John I don't live off the government. They don't send me any money at all. Sure I get depressed randomly sometimes. But unlike you John, I try to overcome it. I actually work and go to school. I don't let it hold me back.

Maybe John hates minorities and homosexuals because he sees so many continuing to fight despite whatever they have stopping them and he's weak. John sits around all day on the internet being a racist homophobe, while the same people he hates fight for change. We don't get the credit we deserve but instead of yelling revolution we fight to move forward and John sits on his ass and complains about it. Maybe John sees too many of his failures in minorities and it makes his blood boil when he sees we haven't given up. I think John's hatred is simply confused admiration.

John isn't only weak he's stupid too. In the video I linked to earlier John claims that in 2012 that 20 million non white immigrants entered the United States. I think that's funny, according to the C.I.A. Fact Book only 31million have entered America since they began keeping track in 1820. As for 2012, we don't have those statistics yet, but we do have 2010s. Let's take a look.

432,784 from North & South America
422,058 from Asia
101,351 from Africa
88,730 Europe
1,042,625 Total

Well that doesn't look like twenty million immigrants. John believes in the idea that each race should have his own country. He obviously didn't pay attention in history class. As I recall European Countries set out to conquer many others. As for America specifically. Pilgrims and Convicts from Europe forced Native Americans westward. The Spanish initially held most of the South. Canadians held most of the North and Mexico held the West. African slaves were brought here in masses from areas Europe had conquered. John white people stole land from everyone. If you want every race to have it's own county it's obvious your ancestors didn't.

In the video John stated that there needs to be a revolution. What John doesn't understand is that in a revolution the leaders die because the poor and mistreated rebel. John you would be one of the people to die in a revolution. As you said you make 50% more than the average Hoosier.

John you said you have two children ages eight and ten. You claim to be doing this for them. Well listen to me carefully John. You're making the world worse for them. Over the next twenty years America will melt together truly. No single person is 100% a single race anymore. John the test is $500 I'm sure you have it to spare. Take the test. You'll realize you aren't as white as you believe you are. If you continue to raise your children they will become outcast just as you have become. John I know you've had a hard life. I did my research. If you want better for your children you shouldn't attempt to put you hatred into them. If you did serve in the army as you claim you should know the mission is not to save white people. It's to save all people. The human race is greater than any one race. The sooner you realize that no race is pure anymore that all races are one you'll be a happier person. John you need to make new friends. Until five minutes ago the people at Caucasian Persuasion were willing to stand by and let you be the victim of 1.13k people that stand behind me. John these people aren't your friends. You're a pawn to them. They use your face and hide theirs. John I know about H.A.R.M.s attacks on you. Why should you go through this alone? I'm going to leave you with a quote John.

"I'm American born, I love America, love my people, love all of mankind, all nationalities you know. I think it's just recently where everybody just started to feel like there was an elite group that runs everything, and everybody else was sheep, ignorant, making all ethnicities, colors and creeds niggers, blind to what really is going on. So I say take off the wool from your eyes. Out with the Old America in with the New. End all racism, all injustice, all oppression to poor people, any people anywhere in this planet. Let's come together: a new day is rising."