Red Light

"HEY YO ROBBIE," I hear my name called out as a car pulls next to me at an intersection.

I turn my head to look and I'm met with several guns. I duck and reach for mine but I'm not fast enough. I don't hear the sounds of the gun shots before I feel the car shake as they start to rip through the sides. The instant pain as several of the shots hit me. My foot slips from the brake and the car starts to pull forward. The gun shots don't stop as I hear the sound of a car peeling off.

I try to sit up but I can't grab my balance. I spin the steering wheel and feel the car come to a stop as I hit something. I lean over and fall out the car. I check myself for wounds, and feel a couple. I'm not sure which one is more important to hold. So I don't hold any. If I die tonight I just die. I just want to know why. Who shot me?

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