What's playing in my mind right now? Just the sound of my whole career crash and burning, the thing that I've feared more than anything else over the years. Now I know it's a wrap, and I'm going away for war crimes. I never expected to be a military hero but I never expected to commit genocide either.

The Ardo people, a race of humanoid shark people from the planet Adaro. Their plane was quickly drying out, there was no water to survive. This was a quick mission, we load people up and take them to solar systems willing to shelter them, accept them as refugees. They're a violent people, a race of warriors. Very few of them work with the Galactic Alliance and even fewer accept them as a sentient species.

We expected complications, we didn't expect the planet to crumble in on itself. The gravity was too much for the ship to escape with all of the carriers. I didn't have a choice. I could either let it drag us all to our death, or I could release trailer after trailer until we were free. Three were all the remained when we broke free and made it out of the planets orbit. Nobody questioned me immediately, only silence could question me. In that silence, I still hear the sounds of my career ending.

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